Stephanie has had her hand in being a leader since the young age of 21 when she bought her first business. Over the years of navigating life and business, Stephanie took a step back in 2015 to become "trauma-informed" so she could help others at a core level. Her experience lies in trauma; how it is held in the nervous system, communication during crisis to prevent further emotional wounding, PTSD treatment, and Healing the "Mother Wound".

It is a dream come true for Stephanie to create a space in which others can experience healing, just as she did after losing her First Love, in 2018. She believes there are those out there, so tough on the outside (like she once was), dying to be soft, but unsure of how to get there, searching for a safe container where only love is offered.  Here to bring you the "Art of Surrender" Retreat, she has collaborated with other healing facilitators to ensure attendees leave feeling they experienced a transformational breakthrough.

As humans, we tend to strive for perfection and beat ourselves up when we feel we have fallen short so Stephanie has created her own brand based on this concept, which will be featured exclusively at this retreat.  Attendees will have first access to newly released products!




In 2017, she got her first 200-hour yoga certification and became a teacher. This led her to discover the studies of tantra and breathwork in Ko Phangan, Thailand. It was through breathwork that she realized she could access DMT, “the spirit molecule,” without plants and no longer needed them. DMT is what connects all life with source.

During her first breathwork experience, she was visited by the spirit of Prana, who opened her wings and bestowed her with her spiritual name: Mariposa. Realizing that all the answers lie within and nothing outside was necessary for transformation, she became free as a butterfly, or in Spanish, a mariposa. This was a true breakthrough and now she desires to bring these practices and this knowledge to the world. The blending of Breathwork, Tantra and Yoga is what birthed “Respira tu Amor,” meaning “breathe your love within.”